Contact Lenses

Contact Lens specialist 

Vision correction without wearing glasses.

Contact lenses are a practical vision correction method for people who are not comfortable wearing glasses. It may be that you play some kind vigorous sport, have a high correction resulting in thick and heavy spectacle lenses or simply prefer the natural appearance of not wearing glasses.

Modern contact lenses are easy and convenient to wear once the Optometrist has evaluated the best type for you and instructed you in their use. There are now many type of soft disposable contact lenses including those that are worn for one day only, or lenses that are worn for a fortnight or a month but must be cleaned and stored every night, to lenses that can be worn continuously for thirty days and nights. Conventional non-disposable contact lenses are also available.

Multi-Focal Contact Lenses

For those who are at an age where they need to wear glasses for reading it is possible to have special multi-focal lenses that provide simultaneous correction for near and distance vision. People who have multi-focal spectacles with bi-focal or progressive lenses can be successfully fitted with multi-focal contact lenses. Apart from not having to wear glasses, the multi-focal contact lens wearer can see all distances at all angles. This is a great advantage over multi-focal spectacles which instead require the user to view certain distances at certain angles.

Multi-focal contact lenses require some adaptation from the new user as the person’s brain must learn to process the information received from the eye differently. Several consultations with the Optometrist may be required to develop the natural and improved vision possible with these type of contact lenses. Speak to us about a  Starter Trial Package.